OTT Services: OTT an evolution in Media Broadcasting

Media Broadcasting has evolved over the years, development is considered the step towards success and new experiences. OTT is yet another platform which gained popularity in a short spam of time. It is a stride towards progress. The term is oftenly used to moot the adulation of network services which is commonly used today. Most of us won’t even realise that we are the customers of OTT services yet are quite a fan of the same.

Lets just open the curtains now and answer the meaning of the term OTT. It stands for Over-the-top   also referred to the service you use over the network services of your service provider.

It is also broached as the delivery of audio, video and other multimedia content over the Internet. It is the ability to deliver the content across various devices like smartphones, smart TVs and connected devices etc. It is also termed as Internet Streaming which has changed the landscape completely. OTT being quite  a desired platforms for audience isn’t just alluring the audience and increasing its subscriptions but also lures the advertisements to the same platform. OTT and video are intertwined, but they are not the same thing. OTT is just a different channel through which video content is delivered to end users.There is minute difference between the two.

Video content can be viewed across any device, including computers, mobile devices, televisions, OTT devices and more. OTT Content is the one that comes from an OTT content provider the content can be viewed on multiple devices, including computers, mobile devices and many more.OTT devices are any devices that is not desktop, laptop, or mobile but is used to consume OTT content that include sSmart TVs, Apple TVs, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire sticks, and other streaming devices.

OTT provides films and TV content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service. It isn’t free but compresses the coast and impart customers choices, differs from the traditional cable. The OTT platform is just a stage where OTT content is delivered for the consumption of the audience or can be defined as a source from which a consumer of OTT content can receive its content.  There are few major players in india who are providing best OTT Platforms like – Planetcast, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix,

OTT being differ from the traditional cable doesn’t require satellite pay – TV service but still entails service providers to run. The OTT service providers are the ones by which OTT content is delivered to its respective platforms. The service is provided by some companies who are solely responsible to deliver the content. Its aim is to provide high definition content to lure the audience and provide them satisfaction.

Some OTT service providers in India are Planetcast, Quickplay, Vplayed, Ooyala, Brightcove etc. These are some of the best broadcasting companies providing optimal OTT services.

OTT Software Development  is a process to instigate a software for OTT Service, the main goal of the developer is to bridge the gap between the service provider to end users. Companies like Planetcast that takes projects on OTT Software Development Services, Solutions and Developing OTT Software, with having years of experience and worked with global brands, with top experts and innovative ideas.

Planetcast is one the peerless service providers. It delivers OTT Cloud based services Its OTT services helps customers for efficiently distribute their content and legitimise.It has OTT platform which provides high-quality features and customized services for diverse distribution needs of primary or secondary content.

Also, Its cloud streaming service offers professional-grade service for streaming media to audiences of any size on any device. Additional to this Planetcast delivers best OTT Solutions which offers high cost-effective and flexible solutions. The solutions support any kind of streaming multi-format, multi-device or single device, single format.

Development is the process to enter an evolving society and OTT is just another  step of evolution towards the future. OTT being the new edge of development still requires more to come and with this competitive market broadcasting Companies are working for the new tomorrow.

Published by Planetcast Media Services Limited

Planetcast is a leading media services provider offering technology-led Managed Services to the Broadcasting industry in India & Neighbouring Nations with rapidly growing its footprints across Southeast Asia.

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